The Western boundary of the Mid West Yorkshire Centre is the A61 from the junction with the A6120 (City of Leeds Ring Road), north through Harrogate to the junction with the A1. The city of Ripon is not included within the boundary.

The Eastern Boundary is formed by the A1/A1M, the B6265, the River Nidd and the River Ouse to Lendal Bridge in the centre of York. From Lendal Bridge, the boundary is the A1036 south to the A64, which then forms the boundary east to the bridge over the River Ouse. The River Ouse again becomes the boundary eastwards to the M62 Ouse Bridge.

The Southern Boundary is formed by the M62 from the Ouse Bridge west to the M1 Motorway at Junction 29.

The boundary is completed around Leeds by the M1/M62/A6110/A647 and the A6120 (City of Leeds Ring Road, clockwise) to the junction with the A61.

Past Chairmen

1985 to 1987     Mr O. Teale               

1988 to 1990     Mr B J Booth 

1991 to 1993     Mr P. Halls                 

1994 to 1996     Mr C.M. Jarvis

1997 to 1999     Mr T.H. Turner           

2000 to 2001     Mr C. Anderson

2002 to 2004     Mr L. MacBryde         

2005 to 2007     Mr J.A. Tinker

2008 to 2010     Mr K. Varley               

2011 to               Mr K. Fielding

May Queen

2017 - 2018     Kim Herne

2016 - 2017

2015 - 2016

2014 - 2015     Shannon McDermott

2018 Trophy Winners

Owen & Joan Teale Shield

The Barry Hewitt Shield

Keith & Janet Fielding Shield.

The Mid West Rose Bowl

2017  Trophy Winners

Pop Clark girls                               No kids sports 

Barry Hewitt boys                         No kids sports

Tony Berry Rose bowl                  Sue Carlton

Wharfdale shield                          volleyball team at joint Yorkshire sports

2016 Trophy Winners
2015 Trophy Winners

Tony Berry Rose bowl                        Paul & Helen Carass

Pop Clark Trophy                                Not Given

Barry Hewitt Shield                             Not Given

Wharfedale Trophy                             Adult Teams Joint Yorkshire sports

Memorial Shield                                  Junior Teams Joint Yorkshire Sports

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