will be held at 13:00

on Saturday 6th October 2019 at:


Harold Hall, Oulton Intsitute, Quarry Hill, Oulton, Leeds, LS26 8SX


As required by Rule 6(c) governing Centres, “Any two Registered Members may propose any Registered Member to be an Honorary Officer or an Elected Member of the Committee, of the Centre to which they are all registered. Nominations for election to the Committee, as an Honorary Officer or elected Member, signed by the nominee, the proposer and the seconded, must be received in writing by the Centre Honorary Secretary not later than fourteen days prior to the Meeting.

Formal Notices of Motion, signed by the proposer and seconded, must be received in writing, by the Centre Honorary Secretary, not later than thirty-five days prior to the meeting.


The principal business to be transacted at the Meeting is as follows:

1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of the last meeting

3. Matters arising from the last meeting

4. Chairman and Secretary’s Report

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Rally Secretary’s Report

7. Election of the Centre Officers

8. Election of the Centre Committee

9. To consider any propositions

10. Any Other Business


The Centre Annual General Meeting shall be held at such a time and place as the Centre Committee decides, provided that every Annual General Meeting shall be held not more than FIFTEEN months after the holding of the last preceding ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Officers and Committee shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting following. The Centre may appoint such officers and Committee as it deems desirable. Centres may adopt their own rules governing eligibility for re-election of their Officers and Committee members. Centre Officers shall be appointed subject to approval of the Executive Committee. The Centre Officers shall consist of Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. No members shall be elected to fill more than one post in the preceding paragraph. The number of members of the Committee shall be determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting, but shall not be less than three or more than ten. The Centre Committee is employed to fill casual vacancies among Centre Officers and co-opt additional members to bring the Centre Committee to the number authorised by the Annual General Meeting. The adoption of the Centre Honorary Treasurer shall take effect from the first day of January following his or her election

Mid West Yorkshire Caravan Club