Chairmans Message

Chairman Keith, AKA “Odd Socks”

Hello and welcome to the Mid - West new web page


It is with great pleasure that I am once again the Chairman of the centre. May I take this opportunity to thank all the committee and rally marshals for support they give.


As you can see we are very low on rallies this year mainly due to the lack of rally marshals that we have coming forward to help support the centre. If you would be interested in helping, please get in touch with any of the committee.


We are also a small committee but as you can see many of the committee have supported the centre for many years, again if you are interested in helping please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I hope you like the new web site that is kindly been looked after by a non-centre member for which we are very grateful.


Wishing you all happy rallying in 2018 and if you enjoy the rally please tell your friends if you don’t please tell us.


Janet and I look forward to catching up with you all on the rally field for a netter and a drink, please try and support the centre and remember we are;


“Small in Numbers but Big at Heart”

Keith and Janet Fielding.

Keith Fielding  - Chairman
& Janet, Keiths' Lovely wife

Malcolm Jarvis

Vice Chair

Janet Fielding

Rally Secretary

As Rally Secretary for the centre I am constantly looking for rally marshals to help run weekends for the members.  I am happy to support anyone that might be interested. 

I am also looking for venues around our region. If anyone knows of a suitable venue please get in touch

Richard Herne


I write it all down

Steve Ainsley


As Quartermaster I am responsible for ensuring that all of Mid West’s equipment is kept in good condition and is available for use on rallies. Mid West has a wide range of equipment, including signage, flags, pegs, gazebos and shelters, boilers, heaters, lighting and sound equipment. If you are running a rally and need a specific item of equipment please get in touch with me.

Peter Jackson


Looking after MWY funds for a rainy day.

Malcolm Cresswell

Sports Officer, Brochure Sec

Since joining Mid West in 1996 I have been involved in organising/playing sports for the centre.

At the national rally, Northern centres, Joint York’s sports and our own Mid West sports.

All sports equipment is available for Mid west rallies.  The last 3 to 4 years I have been involved in designing the Brochure for the centre, with help from Craig my son.

Adrianna Secker

Committee Member

Web Editor

I put it on and take it off

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